About Us


Jordan started Whiskey and Wine Woodworking in 2016, making magnetic bottle openers and other small projects in his garage along the Seine River in St. Vital, Winnipeg. The more time he spent working with wood, the more he developed a passion for working with hardwoods to create stunning arrays of vibrant, natural colour in his wine caddies, shot caddies and boards. It wasn't long before Jordan discovered epoxy, and began using it to create charcuterie boards and tables.

Jordan began going to markets to sell his products, and he let me (Blaine) tag along for the fun. We enjoyed doing markets and we met some really great people along the way. Jordan's creative touch also led him to create countless custom products for friends and strangers alike, including shelves, tables and a staircase to name a few.

Whiskey and Wine Woodworking took a short hiatus in the summer of 2019 for our wedding, as well as for the move to our new home. While our new home is still along the Seine River, it was lacking a wood shop. The time spent away from Whiskey and Wine allowed Jordan to build a brand new wood shop from the ground up, which will allow Whiskey and Wine Woodworking to flourish and grow for years to come.

Jordan is the whiskey, Blaine is the wine. Jordan is the maker of all things wood, and the artisan behind the products. Blaine is his assistant, helping out with the other aspects of the business and occasionally picking up a sander or helping with the fun epoxy pours. We hope you like what you see! Thanks for shopping small, and shopping local!